Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zoologists recover five of six missing Night Safari deer

By Ewen Boey – July 29th, 2010

Five of the six sambar deer who escaped from the Night Safari on Wednesday morning have been found and returned to their enclosure.

One remains at large and it’s believed that it’s still within the vicinity of the Night Safari park.

The deer were discovered to be missing from their enclosure in Singapore Zoological Gardens after a routine check found that a fallen tree had damaged the perimeter fence, hence allowing them to walk out.

Four of deer were found within the park, but one managed to escape into the public Mandai area.

Kumar Pillai, director of zoology at Wildlife Reserves Singapore, told Channel News Asia, “(At) the Deer park, we’ve got the primary enclosure and, if for some reason, the animals do come out of there, we have a secondary fence to keep the animals in. But it’s the secondary fence that got damaged by the fallen tree and they got out of the park.”

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